Zimbabwe: Feli Nandi ready to spark sparks at Night jazz and soul concert


Talented Afro-fusion singer and musician Feli Nandi, born Felistus Chipendo, has said she is ready to set Harare on fire in a nighttime concert scheduled for tonight.

The nightly show, which will be hosted by Theater in the Park, was hosted by Feli Nandi in partnership with Dollarbill Entertainment and is dubbed “Jazz and Soul Friday Night”, is scheduled to start at 6pm and end at 9pm.

In a statement, Feli Nandi spokesperson Passmore Ndlovu said they were ready to please their fans today after a long hiatus since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Everything is ready for Feli Nandi’s concert this Friday, November 12, 2021 organized by Theater in the Park,” he said. “The concert, hosted in partnership with Dollarbill Entertainment, is dubbed ‘Jazz and Soul Friday Night’ and will start from 6 to 9 p.m.”

Ndlovu gave a brief history of Feli Nandi, describing some of his works of art.

“Feli Nandi started out as a backing vocalist for Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe Band,” he said. “She left the group to launch her solo career and rose to fame when she teamed up with Trevor Dongo for their song ‘Mufudzi Wemombe’ released in 2020.

“In 2021, she released her self-titled album ‘Feli Nandi’. Her songs like” Munhu Wangu “,” Unotyei “and” Kukurumidza “have won an incredible broadcast on local radio stations. She has made several live performances at both private and public events. “

Ndlovu said reservations were still ongoing, adding that the show would have a full bar and catering.

“Admission is US $ 10 and tickets are available in advance,” he said. “The ‘Unotyei’ singer says she is very ready, excited and can’t wait to perform and engage her fans.

“The organizers encourage the public to book tickets in advance by contacting 0782217462 or by visiting their offices in Harare Gardens.”

Feli Nandi had survived thanks to the online performances of various platforms during the lockdown and was now bouncing back on weekly shows for his fans.

“During the national Covid-19 lockdown, she had numerous virtual performances on Nash TV, Theater in the Park, among other online platforms. “

He said he contacted some of Feli Nandi’s fans who affirmed their positions regarding today’s concert.

“According to fans, she is a music diva and is commended for her stage presence,” Ndlovu said. “His deep Shona lyrics and powerful messages conveyed in a modern musical style are so impressive. Dollarbill Entertainment and Theater in the Park have put on many shows and now host performances every week.”


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