Vintage Culture & Maxi Jazz collaborate on ‘Commotion’

Maxi Jazz, legendary vocalist and co-founder of seminal recording group Faithless, has teamed up with electronic music’s fastest growing artist, Vintage Culture, on a new dance classic “Commotion.” . Vintage Culture also unveiled a sprawling world tour, titled EARTH Tour and Coachella set.

Maxi’s instantly recognizable voice sets the stage for social commentary and a vivid description of today’s society. Driven by the hypnotic beats and swirling instrumental melodies of Vintage Culture, ‘Commotion’ draws the listener into a musical experience that simultaneously provokes thought and visceral reaction. Fueled by a relentless bass line and atmospheric musical tones, Vintage Culture creates a unique soundscape on which Maxi paints a lyrical portrait of life in 2022.

Regarding their collaboration, Vintage Culture said, “The lyrical magic of Maxi Jazz has been an inspiration for many years. Few artists can create such a vivid lyrical image and simultaneously put those words to the melody like Maxi. It’s an honor to work with this legend on our new track ‘Commotion’.”

Maxi Jazz added: “These lyrics came in the middle of the night as I was reflecting on the difference between the world I grew up in and the one we find ourselves in today. Like most people, I am more than a little concerned about the future of generations to come and the words took 20 minutes to write. They poured out of me like a tap. And they come from a place of love, not fear.

Taking no less than 27 dates around the world in major cities such as London, Miami, Las Vegas, Milan, London, Barcelona, ​​New York, Dublin to name a few. Vintage Culture’s EARTH tour kicks off tonight at Join The Moment in Tel Aviv. Other highlights include Tomorrowland Winter (March 21), Ultra (March 27), Defected Brazil (April 1), Creamfields Chile (April 9), Studio 338 (April 16) and Defected Ireland (April 17), before shut things down in Só Track Boa in his native Brazil (April 30).

Perhaps most important of all, Vintage Culture will make their Coachella debut on April 24, performing on the Do LaB stage during the festival’s iconic 20th anniversary edition. He’s ready to captivate audiences with new originals, upcoming remixes, mixed with chart-topping hits. Regarding his appearance at Coachella, Vintage Culture said, “When the Coachella festival started in 1999, I was five years old. I have dreamed of being part of this legendary event for half my life. I am grateful and honored for the This is a moment in my career that I will never forget.

Vintage Culture is also celebrating Beatport’s #1 hit ‘NightJar’ on the cover of DJ Mag, headlining the main stage at EDC Mexico. A career-affirming world tour, EARTH Tour and its new single “Commotion” are set to solidify Vintage Culture’s meteoric trajectory.

Listen to the new single here:

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