Victim who accused city’s famous jazzman of alleged rape speaks out


Through Nathan Adams April 24, 2021

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Cape Town – The alleged victim of a famous Cape jazz musician, accused of raping, treating and sexually assaulting the man as a minor, has spoken publicly for the first time.

A video was posted on the Facebook page of the Say His Name campaign, which encourages victims of sexual abuse and rape to report their attackers.

The Facebook video caption names the 49-year-old musician and music teacher, despite a court order saying he cannot be named or identified by the media.

Activists behind the Say His Name campaign include an Anglican priest and alleged rape victim, the Reverend June Dolley-Major. She said the young man in the video was the plaintiff in the case against the popular musician from Kuilsriver and that they believed it was important to provide a platform for the alleged victim to speak out.

The unidentified young man began his account of the alleged abuse by saying, “It took me a while to sort of have the courage to do it. It took a lot of communication… and it took a lot of people who went through the same thing to get me to this point and tell my story now. In a tearful and moving video message, the young man said: “My story goes back… probably to eight years now, when I decided to come out only a year ago to my family and people. that I really care about. I am a victim of rape, assault and sexual assault.

He went on to detail the abuse that took place as a teenager.

“I myself was trapped inside myself, unable to explain what was happening to me. This is what happens to me, it was difficult. So all my life since then I felt like I was alone in this case. I felt used, you feel worthless, you are being used as a tool of pleasure for someone.

The young man added: “Going through this abuse, through this grooming, through this assault – I won’t wish it on my worst enemy because even they don’t deserve to go through this and not for the period of time that I I crossed where luckily it left off. It just stopped.

Dolley-Major said: “The reason we started the Say Her Name campaign is because of the gag order that was taken against me … rapist or killer for that matter.

The musician appeared in court earlier this month and the case against him has been transferred to Blue Downs Regional Court, where on July 2, prosecutors will reassess the evidence against him and possibly set a date for a trial.

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