Utah Jazz is the seed in the West, but can this team make a dent in the NBA playoffs? – Athleticism


Rudy Gobert’s rookie season with the Utah Jazz was marked by defeats and frustration. The Jazz were a young team, used as a punching bag throughout the league. It was a team vice president, Dennis Lindsey, then described as part of an “extreme youth movement”. It was a season that ended with the Jazz securing a top-five pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, a season where Gobert felt he could have played more.

On Sunday night, the Utah Jazz took a 121-99 victory over the Sacramento Kings. It was their 52nd victory in a shortened season. It was the victory that secured the top seed in the Western Conference Playoffs for Jazz, the franchise’s first in more than two decades.

As the Jazz left speaking for the last time in the regular season, there was recognition of what they had accomplished as a group. As they made their way to post-game media availability, they spoke of a journey they were hoping was only just beginning. As they boarded the team’s plane, they took a photo of the team. For a team that has been determined since the NBA bubble of the last playoffs, they took a few moments to savor a moment none of them are sure will ever return in their respective careers.

And now they will get back to work.

“It’s really a great accomplishment,” said Gobert. “Coming from where I’m from seven years ago, not making the playoffs and building from scratch, to be in that position is amazing. “

“You have to enjoy every moment. As you go through what I went through, what we went through last season, you have to learn to take advantage of the moments as they come.

The players and coaches made sure to take a moment to appreciate what the Jazz have been able to accomplish in the regular season.

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