UK afro-jazz collective Kokoroko announce debut album ‘Could We Be More’ and share new song

8-piece British afro-jazz collective Kokoroko have an EP and various other tracks dating back to 2018, and now they’ve finally announced their first full album, Could we be more, due August 5 via Brownswood Recordings (pre-order). “I think the house has had a huge influence on the way we write and play our music,” said band member Sheila Maurice-Grey. “Everyone comes from different backgrounds, but what unites us at Kokoroko is that we all have a similar love and appreciation for afrobeat and highlife, whether it’s Ebo Taylor or Pat Thomas. Onome Edgeworth adds: “It’s that feeling when you’re younger and you hear something and you feel some ownership over it. For me, Nigerian music and soul was played a lot in the house, so I felt I owned it, so when I heard it elsewhere, there was a certain pride and energy that came from it. Recreate a piece of music that fills you with pride, “It’s a piece of me and it’s where I come from.”

The 15-song album includes recent single “Something’s Going On”, as well as bright, lively and kinetic new single “We Give Thanks”. here – it’s definitely written with that energy that we get towards the end of a set. Some shows, like La Cigale in Paris or Paradiso in Dam, really seemed magical to us and you always want to give that energy back. We’re the ones trying to do that.”

Listen to both singles below…

Track list
2. Blue Dress (Pt. I)
3. Ewa Inu
4. Age of ascension
5. Dide O
6. Soul Introspection
7. We Give Thanks
8. Those good times
9. Recovery
10. War Dance
11. Interlude
12. Home
13. Something’s Happening
14. End
15. Blue Dress (Pt. II)

Kokoroko – 2022 Tour Dates
March 25 The Foundry, Sheffield
March 26 Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
March 30 O2 Ritz, Manchester
31 March Riverside, Newcastle
1 April The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh
April 3 Movement, Bristol
April 4 Concorde 2, Bristol
April 6 Electric Brixton, London
7th April Engine Rooms, Southampton
April 8 Sub89, reading
April 22 Festival Banlieues Bleues, France
April 26 Paterskerk, Netherlands
April 27 Oranjepop Festival, Netherlands
April 28 Paradiso, Netherlands
April 29 Old Belgium, Belgium
May 11 Victory 2, France
May 12 Auditorium, France
May 13 L’Epicerie Moderne, France
May 14 EMB, France
May 15 L’Aéronef (club room), France
May 19 La Sirene, France
May 20 Auxerre, France
May 21 Jazz under the apple trees, France

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