The Weekend Playlist: A sprawling epic from Toronto jazz trio BadBadNotGood, a nostalgic hit from synth-pop revivalists Magdalena Bay and more


Keeping up to date with new music releases can be a difficult task. Your weekend playlist offers a brief introduction to a wide range of new tracks and the most interesting emerging artists.

This week’s playlist includes new music from BadBadNotGood, Magdalena Bay, Bizarrap and a collaboration between Hamilton Leithauser and Kevin Morby. Plus, new music from Cate Le Bon and Roc Marciano.

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BadBadNotGood: signal from noise

Extract from the album “Talk Memory”. on XL Recordings and Innovative Leisure.

In a recent podcast, music critic Kelefa Sanneh describes how in the late ’60s and early’ 70s two groups – The Velvet Underground and Yes – offered competing visions for the future of rock and roll. Of course, The Velvet Underground’s vision proved triumphant – their laid-back, loose sound became the model and a key influence for punk, alt-rock and indie music. As for the wizards of the prog-rock / jazz fusion of Yes, despite their technical prowess and great ambitions, today’s music sounds bizarre, even alien.

On their new instrumental album, “Talk Memory,” Toronto’s BadBadNotGood evokes a future where Yes’s vision prevails, blending aspects of spaced progressive rock with contemporary sounds of jazz, R&B and hip hop. On the album’s sprawling opening, “Signal From The Noise”, the trio dreamily plunge into a crescendo that explodes into a bass wickedly distorted by Chester Hansen, before sinking into a psychedelic reverie.

As detailed in a Jonathan Dekel Star profile, “Talk Memory” signals a new direction for BBNG, a group known for “providing skillful musical accompaniment and reinterpretation to rappers seeking to broaden their musical sensibility.” Embracing their influences and drawing on their jam-band skills, they suddenly seem limitless.

Magdalena Bay: you lose!

We ran out of video budget, we lost our dog, and we suck at basketball. Sometimes you win but most of the time you lose!

The sudden death of exuberant synth pop remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of the 2000s. One day you’re a wide-eyed millennial with a flower crown dancing with all your friends on MGMT, Grimes and M83, and the next day you’re a jaded thirties listening to sad songs from Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers all on your own.

Thankfully, an extremely online duo from Los Angeles known as Magdalena Bay have unearthed the dusty Coachella polo grounds and revived the genre for a new generation, while providing a much-needed dose of nostalgia for the rest of the world. between us.

Released last week, Magdalena Bay’s hugely elaborate and slightly ironic “Mercurial World” is filled with colorful synths and sparkling vocal hooks. Songs like “You Lose! “And” Something for 2 “evoke the spirit of the aughts while managing to sound fresh.

Bizarrap: BZRP musical sessions # 38 and # 45

L-Gante || Musical sessions BZRP # 38

Looking for an easy way to dive into the rabbit hole of Latin trap music? Go ahead and check out the BZRP Music Sessions, an ongoing series from Argentinian DJ and producer Bizarrap (who has recently become one of the world’s most widely broadcast artists). Each session features a different rap or reggaetón artist in the studio trying to keep up with the aggressive and hyperactive rhythms of Bizarrap – it’s almost like an extreme take on the COLORSxSTUDIOS series.

Among the most streamed sessions is # 35, (117 million streams on Spotify, plus nearly 232 million views on YouTube), which features menacing nursery rhymes from the Argentinian singer of “cachengue” (a mix of cumbia and reggaeton) L-Gante and an intense, choppy rhythm.

In the final session, # 45, Spanish rapper Ptazeta quickly spits bars to a bouncy, bassy beat that deftly crosses the line between fun and ridiculous.

PTAZETA || Musical sessions BZRP # 45

Cate Le Bon: the fugue

Cate Le Bon – “Escape”

For over a decade, Welsh artist Cate Le Bon has kept things interesting with his offbeat approach to pop music, characterized by innovative arrangements and an eccentric guitar playing style.

On “Running Away”, Le Bon builds a psychedelic, slow-burning groove around a bass synth and burnt electric guitars that would sound at home on a Berlin-era Bowie record.

The single will appear on his upcoming album “Pompeii”, which will be released in February.

Hamilton Leithauser and Kevin Morby: Virginia Beach

Hamilton Leithauser & Kevin Morby’s new song “Virginia Beach”, now available on Dead Oceans.

Indie rock mates Hamilton Leithauser and Kevin Morby – who both released solo albums last year – have shared a unique collaboration ahead of their upcoming headlining U.S. tour.

According to Leithauser, who is best known as the frontman of 2000s post-punk band The Walkmen, the song was an attempt to write a “dark country song” with an underlying dance groove. Morby, who wrote the lyrics, seeks to emulate folk legends Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash via colorful references to “weird and beautiful corners of America”.

Leithauser and Morby find a beautiful chemistry in this autumnal track, their distinct vocals intermingled on a finger-picked acoustic guitar and country electric licks. Don’t be surprised if these two continue their musical friendship with a full project.

Bonus title:

Bronze Nazareth, Roc Marciano: Survivor’s Vow

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