The only daughter of jazz icon Sarah Vaughan is the wife of a famous sportsman, mom and actress


Sarah Vaughan lived a fulfilling life as a well-known singer before her death in 1990. Years after, her legacy lives on and is preserved by her children and grandchildren. Let’s meet Vaughan’s only daughter and her family.

Sarah Lois Vaughan was a woman with one of the most influential voices. Popularly known as “The Divine One” and “Sassy,” she rose through the ranks as a fantastic jazz singer, with four Grammy Awards as confirmation of her talent.

Born March 27, 1924, Vaughan seems to have developed her musical talent at a very young age. She was born to her musical parents who encouraged her. The singer started learning to play the organ and the piano at a very young age.

Portrait of the late jazz singer Sarah Vaughan. | Photo: Getty Images Instagram / Russcourtnall


At a young age, Vaughan presented his husky voice as a soloist for the Mount Zion Baptist Church Choir. Although Vaughan sang a lot in church, she wanted to share her voice with a wider audience.

The Grammy-winning singer entered a talent competition held at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. The theater was known to be a place where many musical legends made their name, and Vaughan knew it was the right opportunity.

To everyone’s amazement, the singer won the competition with a powerful rendition of “Body and Soul”. Vaughan’s victory marked the start of a career that would span several decades.

Shortly after his victory, the legend began to sing with the Earl Hines Orchestra. She sang for a year before leaving to join singer Billy Eckstine’s new group. Vaughan also worked with John Kirby shortly before she started singing as a solo artist.

Vaughan’s supporters have grown over the years and she has been ranked as one of the best female jazz singers in the world. With her wide range and controlled vibrato, the singer left her fans amazed.

Times jazz critic Leonard Feather once gave a detailed description of the icon and his talent in an interview. Feather let it be known that Vaughan was becoming more and more important over the years and that she was nothing short of amazing.

According to the jazz critic, Vaughan was the idol and envy of all singers. She was capable of amazing jazz performances, and at the same time, she was also qualified to be an opera singer. Overall Vaughan had a flexible voice and was a great singer.


Vaughan was not only good at showcasing her incredible vocal range, but she was also an excellent mother. Married and divorced four times, the singer never had biological children, but she was the proud mother of her adopted daughter, Paris.

Decades have passed since her death, and the singer’s child and grandchildren are keen to keep her legacy alive.

Paris, real name Debby, was a source of delight for her legendary mother, who always celebrated her successes and milestones.

Whether it’s academic excellence, beauty pageant wreaths, a cheerleader role, or love for the movie industry, Vaughan has always made sure to show Paris just how much she was proud of her. Above all, mother and child enjoyed each other’s company.

Although Paris is not involved in the music industry like her mother, she also has a fulfilled life. She is passionate about design and CEO of “Paris Interiors”, an establishment specializing in interior decoration and home renovation.


In addition to her professional accomplishments, Paris is also married to famous sportsman Russ Courtnall. The latter began his NHL career in 1983 with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and in 1999 he retired from the Los Angeles Kings.

They tied the knot on August 17, 1995, and in June the lovebirds celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary, and Russ took to Instagram to mark the occasion.

He posted a photo of himself and Paris on their wedding day. Paris was dressed in a white wedding dress and a long white veil. She was held tight by her man, who looked dapper in a black suit, white shirt, and black bow tie. Russ captioned it:

“Happy birthday, my love @pariscourtnall 29 years old, 3 wonderful kids and a great life. Here are many more! I love you.”

Russ also enjoys celebrating his beautiful wife on special occasions. On Paris’ birthday in April, the former ice hockey player wrote a beautiful tribute to his wife on Instagram. Next to a photo of Paris, Russ wrote:

“Happy Birthday to my gorgeous bride and best friend! And so much more @pariscourtnall Champagne and chocolate cake will be on the menu tonight for this one.”


The union of Russ and Paris gave birth to three adorable children: Ally Courtnall, Lawton Courtnall and Brooklyn Courtnall. Like his father, Lawton is deeply involved in the world of sport. He also plays ice hockey and is doing incredibly well.

Lawton also enjoys sharing photos of himself on social media. A cute snapshot posted on his Instagram page saw the ice hockey rookie donning a black t-shirt and cap with “USA” boldly written on it.

Ally and Brooklyn are also doing well in their respective fields. In May, the latter graduated from high school and the former celebrated her sister with an Instagram post, noting that she was proud of herself.

Above all, the sibling trio enjoy spending time together. Ally once updated her fans with a photo of her, Lawton, and Brooklyn, all enjoying each other’s company. The trio wore matching outfits and looked happy to pose on the grass.


Vaughan died on April 3, 1990, after a long battle with cancer. Decades have passed since her death, but the singer’s child and grandchildren are keen to keep her legacy alive and honor her memories.

In 2016, Vaughan was honored with her own U.S. postage stamp. Lawton, his mother and sisters flew to Newark, New Jersey, to attend the ceremony. Upon arriving at the scene, Lawton revealed he was amazed at the number of people who showed up.

Vaughan’s honors include a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and inductions to the Grammy Hall of Fame, Jazz Hall of Fame, and New Jersey Hall of Fame.

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