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Sunday race •••
Blake Aaron, Guitar
“Sunday Strut” by Blake Aaron from his Color and passion The album, starring Najee, is now the third Billboard No. 1 hit on the album released in September 2019. Guitarist and Adam Hawley wrote “Sunday Strut”. The energetic and energetic contemporary jazz instrumental tops all four singles charts simultaneously. The horny track featuring urban jazz icon Najee and produced by Mr. Hawley is No. 1 on the Billboard, Mediabase, Smooth Jazz Network and charts. Color and passion is a diverse collection, mixing colorful melodies and prodigious and passionate guitars carefully enclosed in capsules of jazz, R&B, pop, Latin, Caribbean, funk, fusion and rock. Mr. Aaron injected hope, positive energy, optimism and joy into the album. Appearing on the album are saxophonist Darren Rahn and flutist Kim Scott as guest soloists.

Sun of your love •••
Ella Fitzgerald, singer

The Hubbard Center •••
Freddie Hubbard, trumpeter

Germany‘s leading jazz label, Vinyl me please, recently relaunched the MPS record label with a pair of color vinyl records from Ella Fitzgerald (sometimes referred to as Song’s First Lady, Jazz Queen and Lady Ella) and Freddie Hubbard (an American jazz trumpeter, who played bebop, hard bop and post-bop styles from the early 1960s). Other reissues include Dizzy Gillespie, George Duke and Baden Powell in partnership with Bob Frank Entertainment.

Two albums by Mr. Powell, Guitar images and Living in Berlin, are reissued on vinyl and CD, the latter also being released on DVD. The guitarist was an essential figure in Brazilian music, an alchemist mixing bossa nova, samba, baroque and Latin jazz with the techniques of jazz and classical guitar. The music contained on Guitar images is as rich in color as the cover of his album. Mr. Powell recorded the album with his quartet and French singer Jannine de Waleyne which serves as the ideal counterpoint to the guitarist’s inventive and virtuoso playing.

Claire •••
Kristen Mather de Andrade, clarinet / singer
Singer and clarinetist Kristen Mather de Andrade released her debut album, Clarão, an authentic Brazilian album on which she plays and sings in Portuguese. Teaming up with producer Sergio Krakaowski, Ms. Andrade brought together several Brazilian musicians to accompany her and help her choose the repertoire. Half of Clarão is composed of instrumental covers, three of which are performed in the style of a big band and were made famous by Brazilian clarinetists. The album features four original songs written by Brazilian singer-songwriter Roque Ferriera, tunes that showcase Ms. Andrade’s silky, fiery voice singing sublimely in Portuguese. Mr. Krakaowski relied on genuine Brazilian instrumentation by Vitor Gonçalves (accordion), Cesar Garabini (violão) and Eduardo Belo (bass) while playing the pandeiro himself. A lively four-piece brass section adds sparkle to the ten-track album bursting with exuberance, lush harmonies and masterful musicality.

The album contains the following songs: “Um Chorinho Diferente”, “Côco Tara Tá Tá”, “Guelê Guelê”, “Chorinho Pra Ele”, “Doce Melodia”, “Sagrado”, “Bendito”, “Modulando”, ” Santo Forte “and” O Clarinete Gostoso “.

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