The Cronulla Jazz & Blues Festival returns in 2022 for four days of live music

After debuting last year, the Cronulla Jazz & Blues Festival returns for its second year in early June with four days featuring over 100 free performances alongside ticketed events.

Canadian guitarist and long-time resident of Australia, Jeff Martin of The Tea Party headlines the festival, which also includes Emma Pask, Ray Beadle, Leanne Paris, The Foreday Riders and Lloyd Spiegel to The Strides, Pacey , King & Doley , Katie Brianna, The Detonators, Murray Cook’s Soul Movers, McDermott & North, Bones Atlas and many more.

Creative Director Geoff Trio sits down to discuss the 2022 event.

What can punters expect from this incarnation of the festival?
Bigger and better. We added another beach scene with outdoor bars featuring local beer and wine, over 100 performances, a film festival, record fair; a great selection of food trucks and retail stalls is a great accompaniment to the amazing performers lined up this year.

What does it mean to have someone like Jeff Martin headlining the festival?
I was very excited when Jeff agreed to be part of this year’s festival; his voice and guitar playing are just amazing. He draws deeply from his blues and Middle Eastern influences; it’s perfect for a jazz and blues festival.

Having an artist of Jeff’s caliber and international profile sets a high standard for the festival.

Let’s look at the line-up as a whole; who are some of the highlights of this year’s group of artists?
Ray Beadle is always a highlight, a crowd favorite that impresses every time.

Emma Pask, who is Australia‘s favorite voice in jazz, Clayton Doley has an incredible eight piece band, Murray Cook’s Soul Movers (we all love the Red Wiggle), Spurs For Jesus are always fun and the Foreday Riders celebrating their 55th birthday have teamed up with Ray Beadle to release a new album.

Diving deeper, who are some of the hidden gems of this year’s lineup?
There are so many hidden gems this year: Daniel March, The Guitar Organ Drums Trio, McDermott & North, Jo Fabro, Abby And Andrew And Also Arty and Adam Pringle to name a few. There are a lot of amazing new talents to discover.

There’s a real mix of veteran artists alongside a few names that are quickly making their mark on the scene; what are the criteria used to establish the line-up?
Halfway through last year’s festival, when we knew there would be a second year, I found myself walking through the festival imagining which artists would fill in for the beach and park stages.

At the end, I had my list of headliners and they all said yes. I have a lot of new music hitting my desk throughout the year via venue booking, but the best way to find new music is to bring in the musicians and punters.

Lots of cats on Facebook; Ray Beadle, Clayton Doley and Andrew Dickeson have been a huge help this year, so much knowledge and amazing people.

As well as musical entertainment, there will also be a record fair as well as a film festival showcasing an eclectic range of music documentaries; Although the music is the main focus, is providing an immersive experience for fans also part of the festival mantra?
I always try to diversify the program and broaden the appeal of the event while keeping a link with the essence of the festival.

We have a 10 year plan to build the festival on an international level.

The record fair is always fun and this year’s film festival has a great program for everyone; a great history of music there. Film screenings include ‘The Sparks Brothers’, ‘Respect’, ‘Summer Of Soul’ and ‘The United States V Billie Holliday’.

For small budgets, the festival offers 100 free performances; Is this an important aspect of the festival to make it accessible to as many music fans as possible?
It is very important for this festival. Ninety percent of the festival is free where bettors can see artists they don’t know. Our goal is to build the profile of these artists to develop a bigger fan base.

For parents, Amber Lawrence’s Kids Gone Country will no doubt be very popular; what other activities/activations will be available for young people?
We love Amber. She was so good last year, we had to get her back again.

We also have arts and crafts for kids, lawn games, face painting and more to come. Perfect place for parents to have a coffee while the kids have fun.

The layout of the festival and its various stages and locations; is it easy to navigate from place to place during the event?
It’s really easy. We have created a loop with the parks along the beach and around the main street of Cronulla. If you keep walking in a circle, you will come across all 13 sites.

The festival isn’t just for Shire dwellers, is it…you welcome music lovers from anywhere?
Yes indeed. The festival is the perfect opportunity to come to Cronulla for the weekend of great music and food, there are plenty of great places to stay including Rydges right on the beach.

In early June, the weather in Sydney is usually pretty amazing – yet another reason to venture out, isn’t it?
The weather last year was really amazing, lots of sunshine, but not too hot. We hope for the same this year. Thank you for your time.

Do you have anything else to add?
Join us for a great time. This is a must have for the music fan.

The Cronulla Jazz & Blues Festival 2022 will take place June 2-5.

Programming of the Cronulla Jazz & Blues Festival 2022

Jeff Martin (The Tea Party)
Emma Pask
Ray Beadle
The Strides
Lloyd Spiegel
The Daybreak Riders with Ray Beadle
Pacey, King & Doley
The Movers of Souls by Murray Cook
Spurs for Jesus
Dom Turner’s Rural Blues Project (Backsliders)
Martinez Akustica
Bayou Billabong by Clayton Doley
Daniel Mars
Steve Edmonds plays Hendrix
Joe Fabro
Fripps & Fripps
Blues Power feat. Darren Jack and Simon Kinny-Lewis
Unlock the doors
Professor Groove and the Booty Affair
Adam Pringle and Friends
The trio guitar organ battery (Ray Baedle, Clayton Doley & Andrew Dickeson)
Trio by Tim Rollinson
blues preachers
The three of Don Hopkins
Juke Joint Three by Continental Robert Susz
Franck Sultane
Darren Jack
Glenn White Hall
The Big Daddy Roy Payne Group
Blue Rhythm Band by Andrew Dickeson
magic machine
Bonnie Kay and the bonafides
Big Daddy’s Creole Blues Night
coconut strawberries
The Flashy Dash-Backs
Bridie King’s Creole 3
wonderful hearts
The Chefs: Andrew Dickeson, Yannick Koffi & Jacob Graham
George Washingmachine and Jim Pennell (STRING Time)
Leanne Paris
Atlas of bones
McDermott & North
Katie Brianna
James VanCooper
Son of Atticus
Ben Lece
submachine gun
Dave Favors And Ashes By The Roadside
Jordan Kenya
Zoe K
Sam Shinazzi
Looch Lewis and the gangsters of the press
The Abby Constable Threesome
big wheels
Steve Hunter Threesome
The pocket trio
The New Southern Trio
Chloe Kay and the Crusade
Abby and Andrew and also Arty (AAA)
Alex Gibson
Peta Caswell
Harvey Russell
Jessica and Aidan
Dancing Fingers Guitar Trio
Lawson Doyle
Ellen Soffe
Rochelle Natoli
5 Blues Drive
hoochie mom
Jade Steg Band
Trio Richard Calabro
Samy and Jimmy
Matt Charleston’s group
Kim Girdlestone
Todd Kem
Julia and Noah
Emma Greenfield
school of rock
The Kirrawee Hs Jazz Orchestra
Sydney Youth Jazz Orchestra

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