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Bassist and Songwriter Tamara Murphy joins us for Ausmusic Month as Artist in Residence on ABC Jazz! During the month of November, she will be sharing the music she loves from Australia and beyond.

Bass player Tamara murphy is a major figure in the Melbourne jazz scene. She won the first Young Elder of Jazz Commission at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival in 2011 and has led her own groups such as Murphy’s Law and Spirograph studies – both of which have released a number of albums. She was also part of the longtime trio with Andrea Keller and the end Allan Browne and collaborated with groups like the Fran swinn Trio, Stone flower and Nat Bartsch‘s Sextet to name a few.

Find Tamara every day at 2 p.m. on ABC Jazz with the music that shaped her career. Here are five takeaways from the series:

1. When Tamara was growing up she had a pretty cheap bass: she kept telling herself that if Ray Brown played it it would still sound like Ray Brown, hence a Ray Brown plectrum to get things going!

2. In 1998, she went to see necks – but they canceled their meeting in Melbourne so she went to Sydney with a friend in 1998, attending the recording of their live album Piano Bass Drums. She estimates that you can probably hear her screaming with the audience about two-thirds of the way through the album’s start!

3. Tamara believes the singer Gian slater is so original in its approach that “she changed the vocal landscape of this country“.

4. She spent 14 years playing with the drummer Allan Browne from whom she learned so much, learning everything from swing to Allan’s good sense of humor!

5. She always associates being a teenager with Vince jones who she grew up listening to in the ’80s and’ 90s, and loves how these early LPs are so finely crafted.


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