Svetlana and New York Collective Continue Fall South Tour with Jazz Road Tour Grant



Last February, Svetlana and her award-winning band The New York Collective used their Jazz Route tour grant to undertake a two-part tour. After a successful first stage, Svetlana and the New York collective will start touring again this month with their Fall Southern Tour. During this tour Svetlana will present her critically acclaimed album Night at the cinema, which ranked No. 1 on Billboard’s Traditional Jazz Albums chart. She will also present her award-winning jazz awareness program for children “Swing Makes You Sing”, which was recently awarded a Chamber Music America. Digital residency grant as well as a residence with Midori and her friends celebrate the music.

Svetlana is also thrilled with the post-pandemic revival of her nine-year residence at the Back Room, a Prohibition-era underground bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where she will perform every Monday night.

Jazz Road is a national South Arts initiative, which is funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with additional support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. An artist-centric touring program that supports small tours for emerging and mid-career artists, Jazz Road Grants foster deeper engagement between jazz musicians, presenters, and communities, often those located in areas traditionally underserved by gender.

All performances will follow security protocols and will be socially distanced. Concert hall-specific COVID guidelines can be found along with ticket information in the calendar below.

Singer, arranger and conductor Svetlana will hit the road alongside pianist and composer Willerm Delisort, drummer Henry Conerway III and bassist Adi Meyerson. During this tour, Svetlana is also excited to present Night At The Movies on Vinyl – Svetlana’s new LP based on her chart-topping record, available exclusively through her. website and his live performances.

After completing the first leg of their tour in February 2021, the band are excited to hit the road again at the end of this month, starting with a performance at Forte Jazz Lounge in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday, September 23. The next two days, September 24 and 25, the band will perform in Hilton Head, SC in The jazz corner. On Wednesday, September 29, Svetlana will perform as a special guest at an outdoor concert with the New London Big Band at The social bar and the kitchen in New London, Connecticut. The group will travel to Westampton, New Jersey for a performance on October 2 at Burlington County Library Centennial Celebration. On October 3, they will travel to Atlanta, Georgia for a performance at The velvet note, then direction New Orleans, Louisiana for two days (October 5 and 6) at New Orleans Jazz Museum. Next, the group will hit Tennessee, first in Selmer on Oct. 7 in Arts in McNairy / Latta Theater and the next day (October 8) at The Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga. For more information, follow the updates on

On the road, Svetlana will present the music of Night at the cinema his recent chart-topping album which debuted at # 1 on the US Billboard’s Traditional Jazz Albums chart, “completely re-imagining the material” (SyncopatedTimes). Recently named one of the “Best of 2020” by All About, Night At The Movies is a deeply personal project inspired by the singer’s experience who grew up in Soviet Russia, where American films offered an exhilarating escape. This film music collection spans a century of cinema and includes interpretations of songs featured in films such as Top Hat (1934), Pinocchio (1940), Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964), Willie Wonka and his Chocolate Factory (1971) , Tootsie (1982), Sabrina (1995), Princess & The Frog (2009) and Coco (2018), among others – each song encompassing themes to escape unwanted circumstances through imagination and optimism, uplifting listeners through hardship. The concert will also include Russian repertoire (“My favorite on the album”, W. Friedwald) and Svetlana’s originals conveying a similar hope (“the best of the night … bittersweet, cautiously optimistic ballad allowing for a glimmer hope in the face of pervasive bad news (NYMusicDaily).

The program celebrates both the tradition of jazz and advances the art form, creating an exciting experience for audiences. The press praised Svetlana’s vision for jazz and film music: “A great Janus, looking forward and backward” (AllAboutJazz) “a spectacle to lose yourself in” (LucidCulture). The theme of Night at the Movies and the current difficulties invoked by the pandemic did not escape listeners. “Svetlana beautifully approaches hope in uncertainty and love in the face of deprivation” (AllAboutJazz) – making the music particularly appropriate and healing during this tour through the pandemic-stricken country.

Svetlana reflects, “The pandemic has renewed our energy around music and uplifting others through art: the opportunity to make music is so rare and the joy is so vivid, we think we don’t. will never take connection with others through music and art for granted. . “


Thursday September 23 -Forte Jazz Lounge, Charleston, SC – TICKETS / INFO

Friday-Saturday September 24-25 – The Jazz Corner, Hilton Head, SC – TICKETS / INFO

Wednesday September 29 -Social Bar (with New London Big Band), New London, CT – TICKETS / INFO

Saturday October 2 -Burlington County Library, Westampton, NJ – TICKETS / INFO

Sunday October 3 -The Velvet Note, Atlanta, GA – TICKETS / INFO

Tuesday to Wednesday, October 5 and 6 -New Orleans Jazz Museum, New Orleans, LA – TICKETS / INFO

Thursday October 7 -Arts at McNairy, Selmer, TN – TICKETS / INFO

Friday October 8 – Barking Legs Theater, Chattanooga, TN – TICKETS / INFO


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