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Material: Multi-talented and charismatic, Sarah McKenzie hails from Australia, but her expansive sensibilities, residencies in Paris and London, and international touring reveal her as a true musical citizen of the world. His seductive, deeply sensual yet often powerfully swinging set included two originals that perfectly embody his global jazz aesthetic – the poetic, sensual and hipster “Paris in the Rain” and the lively “De Nada”, the latter representing his lifelong passion for Brazilian music which she also brilliantly expressed through vibrant and sensual spins on Antonio Carlos Jobim’s classics “Corcovado”, “Chega de Saudade” (sung partially in Portuguese) and “Once I Loved”.

Musicality : As well as being a deeply sensual and emotive singer, McKenzie is also a brilliant, intuitive and inventive pianist, both when accompanying her voice and engaging in stunning solo improvisations on par with the ivory magic of great vocalists. /pianists like Diana Krall and Harry Connick, Jr. Making her first appearance in Los Angeles, she surrounded herself with top-notch local veteran jazz talent. Most of the arrangements left room for their sparkling individual work, but the funniest was “I Fell In Love With You,” a spirited swing jam that featured fiery antics from McKenzie, Scesney, Storie and Hamar.

Performance: McKenzie’s goal was clearly to allow us to discover various aspects of his art and to share his many passions. Sharing so artfully the songs of Jobim and the Brazilian gem of her own “De Nada”, then rolling freely on “Blue Rondo a la Turk”, she truly conveyed the feeling that bossa nova and jazz from the 60s are the basis of everything she is. and do. She’s a thrilling performer who also took a moment to show her intimate, vulnerable side in an exquisite voice-guitar duet on “Once I Loved.”

Summary: McKenzie’s explosive punch as a vocalist and pianist made her Los Angeles debut a lively, high-spirited and rousing affair in every way, allowing local audiences to understand why she’s such a popular performer everywhere. somewhere else for so long. One caveat: it felt like she had shrugged off her own transcendent songwriting, playing only a handful of (admittedly perfect!) originals among the classics.

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Players: Sarah McKenzie, vocals, piano; John Hamar, bass; John Story, guitar; Jacob Scesney, saxophone; Donald Edwards, drums

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