Paris Jazz Corner Paris – A corner of jazz history


If you find yourself in the heart of the 5th arrondissement in Paris, this is where Paris’s jazz treasure is located. Paris Jazz Corner is to take hold of archives and rare music, as long as it is jazz. Since Paris shares a major geographic influence with New York, titles here range from American titles to French editions.

I know the place from an Instagram post by a visual artist who films dancers in the city through their choreographed movements. And just recently, one of the clips showed a dancer emerging from the Paris Jazz Corner. So I just had to go and see for myself.

Although I’m not a jazz lover, I left with a mint pressing of Walter Davis Jr.’s track ‘400 Years Ago, Tomorrow’, Owl Records, 1979, for 20. And the associate owner’s knowledge is also perfect; who needs Google or Alexa when there’s a human Googlexa – a Hooglexa – handy ?!

Collectibles don’t stop at vinyl; downstairs is dedicated to the original CD format, from a time when their CD mastering would have been flawless, before the over-compressed sound of the “mp3 to CD / vinyl” trend. So these are original vinyls and CDs, but there are also works of art hanging on the walls by local artists to buy. For a more contemporary record hunt, there is also Le Silence de La Rue (See article on Le Silence de La Rue).

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