Painting expressive lyricism through jazz and Brazilian blends: Annie Addington unveils new single “Another Fool”

With an uplifting new jazz single, Annie Addington pierces hearts and minds, forcing listeners to unravel the many emotions they experience.

Expressing authentic and real feelings and evoking raw feelings in the audience, Annie Addington presents listeners with an energetic exchange of shared experiences. Having unveiled this to listeners after extensive efforts to create her captivating CD, “In a Midnight Wind”, released in September 2019, she is now eager to be heard.

A multi-genre hit, the CD features the scintillating single, “Another Fool”, which showcases Annie’s multifaceted talents coupled with other contemporary musicians. The artist is completed by John Esposito on keyboards, Dwayne Burno on bass, Peter O’Brien on drums and Greg Glassman on trumpet.

The eclectic artist also remains engrossed in her project, “The Search for Peace Project”, drawing inspiration from McCoy Tyner’s Search for Peace. His idea is to create an interactive piece of music and reach out to other musicians around the world to showcase their individualized talents and gifts to the world. The pilot project already features Jamil Ghattas, who recreated the piano, bass and saxophone tracks, while David Picton provides a gripping drum track.

A wealth of talent, Annie Addington penned the lyrics to the melody, which also leaves room for two solo artists. One of these feature films involves François de Lima on trombone and is called ‘Search for Peace #1’. Meanwhile, ‘Search for Peace #2’ features Jonathan Godfrey on guitar. Currently, the artist is looking forward to other like-minded and promising people who seek within the search for peace to contribute with their own individuality. Anyone interested should submit their work to Search for Peace is on the first submission.

With a long history spanning three continents, Annie Addington sings Jazz, Brazilian, both Bossa and MPB, in both languages, and R&B, and Blues. She is also an original songwriter.

Having lived and performed in Berlin, Germany for 16 years, where she performed both jazz and original music, Annie has experience in two duets. Some of the original music with his German partner, Bertold Schramm and now with Brazilian keyboardist and arranger, Jamil Ghattas. She also collaborated with the famous Russian Heavy Metal band, Olga Rozhnova and Voyage, for more than 3 years. This combination also resulted in the creation of an original single, “Face to Face”, written in collaboration with Bertold, Olga and her husband, Sasha. The video was filmed in Moscow 1, was shown at the Gorbachev-Bush summit.

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Annie Addington is a knowledgeable and seasoned name in the music business.

Finishing his BA in music with 4 years of graduate studies at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, the artist obtained a 2-year master’s degree in jazz performance (with Jon Faddis) and a 2-year master’s degree in composition (with Joel Thome) . During this time, Annie also had experience teaching music and drama at Oakwood Friends School and in New York. She is now looking forward to exploring her musical inspirations and creating a lasting impact by performing and composing new material.








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