Omar Kamal to perform at Jazz at The Appel Room at Lincoln Center



Omar Kamal will perform at the Jazz at The Appel Room at Lincoln Center on Monday, October 18, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Omar Kamal has a voice that transcends borders and decades. Her honest and pure power and capacity for connection are the same genius that defined the careers of song’s greatest legends – influences felt in her eclectic catalog and captivating jazz and swing performances from Sinatra to timeless Arab idols like Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Fairouz. In concert he has a free style that mixes various Eastern and Western styles to create his own unique sound of what it is like to be a modern Arab artist today. Kamal brings together breathtaking repertoires and moving hits for an enchanting evening at the App Room.

Omar Kamal is a singer / songwriter from Nablus with multicultural influences giving him a rich taste in music ranging from kings of swing to Frank Sinatra to pop legends such as Michael jackson, and returning to great Arabs such as Mohammed Abdelwahab and Fayrouz.

Omar performs a variety of genres in a number of languages, has had classical piano training and composes his own music. All these elements make Omar one of the most authentic and open artists to emerge from the region for years.

Work on Omar’s debut album began in early 2015 with the Emmy-winning producer Dave pierce (Michael Bublé, The Frank Sinatra Estate) and legendary producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Jon Bon Jovi, Aerosmith) with a number of exciting international collaborations and some of the biggest session players who have worked with people like Michael jackson and Sir Paul McCartney. Recording of the album took place in London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Vancouver and the prestigious Capitol Studios in Hollywood with the album – SERENADE – released in 2017.

The huge success of Omar’s debut album was followed by a successful musical tour, during which he performed in major cities such as London, Amman, Manama, Abu Dhabi, the Pyramids of Giza, and opened one of the biggest festivals in the Arab world at Beiteddine. Palace in Lebanon. Omar received the DIAFA International Award later that year for the category of Best Upcoming Arab Artist.

In 2018, Omar started working on his second album, titled Show Me The Light, inspired by the journey to light through music. The music on the album combines the best of international efforts by featuring orchestrators from LA in London, lyricists from Lebanon in Chile, and studio musicians from London to Istanbul, all brought together by Omar Kamal’s vision as as executive producer. The title track from the album “Show Me The Light” entered the UK top 10 charts in 2019.

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