Nighttown will reopen in 2022 with jazz and Irish food | Arts & Culture


The beloved Nighttown restaurant and music club in Cleveland Heights will return in 2022, according to new owner Gregg Levy.

Red the Steakhouse managing partner Levy said Nighttown’s identity and favorite menu items will remain.

“It will be the Dublin lawyer you know, wait and love. It will be the big bar with the great variety of beers on tap. It will be Nighttown,” said Levy.

Levy also said he’s in talks with longtime Nighttown music promoter Jim Wadsworth to bring jazz back to the Cedar Hill Hall.

“It’s not Nightown without music,” he said.

Levy and his team have been working on the sale for several months meeting with former owner Brendan Ring, who closed the restaurant last year.

“The more we watched it, the more we delved into it, the more we fell in love with what was there and its potential,” he said.

While Levy plans to keep the Nighttown identity, he looks to overhaul his kitchen.

“We destroy every piece of kitchen equipment there and start over. We destroy the coolers and freezers and build a new structure there,” he said.

And for those looking for a place to eat on Sundays, Levy said Nighttown plans to cover that as well.

“We can’t wait to bring brunch back to the Heights area. You know, from our good friends, Doug Katz and Fire [Food and Drink] came out, I think the Heights really missed their fun brunch. And we plan to have an amazing brunch there, ”he said.

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