Music Cafe Dublin – A little dose of jazz


Sometimes you just want to sip a really good coffee and watch the local river – this is the Music Café in central Dublin for you.

This place is really charming and cozy. And when I say cozy, I mean coooosy… just a few tables and not many more chairs, gets you to meet your closest jazz buddy very quickly. Fortunately, the crowd at the Music Café is always lovely. This is the place where like-minded people who also enjoy jazz, good coffee and good company can relax, have a good time together (laptops are not allowed in the cafe) and enjoy the latest sounds. jazz in Dublin.

It is also a very unusual place. Besides the huge selection of teas, great coffee and delicious avocado toast (OK, boomer) there is music. Unusually in Dublin, the music is very often jazz, something that I personally miss a lot and don’t come here very often. The scene itself is also very eccentric, since you literally have to climb a ladder to get to it. The placement of the audience under the stage gives the whole place a very unique atmosphere.

But my favorite thing about this place is the view. The Music Café directly faces the River Liffey and with its huge windows helps you relax and enjoy Dublin with all your senses.

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