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The Vortex Jazz Club presents a night of jazz and poetry with Man of Words & Music: Shake Keane (Pt. II). Izzy Blankfield writes:

As part of the Vortex Jazz Club series celebrating the great contributions of Caribbean musicians who have left their mark on the British jazz scene, the venue will feature Shake Keane, the St. Vincent-born musician and poet who arrived in the UK in 1952.

Philippe Nanton

On the eve of Black History Month, Man of words and music will celebrate Shake’s enduring influence with a night of poetry and jazz. Philippe Nanton, poet and author of Riff – The Shake Keane Story, will read a selection of poems by Shake, with free improvisations from jazz legends Henri lowther (trumpet) and Dave Green (low).

Shake was a renowned trumpeter in the UK and beyond and a member of the pioneering free jazz quintet led by Joe harriott. Keane’s poetry, written primarily in St Vincent in the 1970s and later in his life in New York City, was heavily influenced by jazz and closely linked to his approach to improvisation.

Nanton says, “Shake wanted his poems to reflect joy and pleasure. He felt that they should both entertain and reflect his poetic technique. For him, the pleasure of writing poems came from solving the problem of words.

Mixing playful and powerful poetry and improvised music, Man of words and music will portray one of the most influential creative figures of the past fifty years.

Man of Words & Music – Shake Keane (Pt. II) will take place on September 30. Tickets are free


Man of words and music Thu 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Man of words and music Series 2 – 7:30 p.m.

Part III of the series, Man of Words and Music: Shake Keane (Pt. III) – Rowland Sutherland Quartet will take place on November 17th

Vortex Online presented two short films under the title ‘Man of Words and Music – Trumpeter and Poet Shake Keane‘earlier this year

Review of the biography of Shake by Philip Nanton


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