JazzMan Barcelona – Live Jazz Heaven


I’m not the type to do concerts in big stadiums. I think the last big gig I attended was either Led Zeppelin at Earl’s Court or Frank Zappa at Wembley Arena, London, during the good ’70s. I much prefer pub-sized venues or from a club like The Nashville in London where I experienced AC / DC, The Sex Pistols, The 101ers, John Dowie Big Girls Blouse, and many other large groups for FREE!

Here at Jazzman, you can experience cool jazz up close and personal every Monday and Thursday night for FREE in the company of twenty or thirty other aficionados.

This cozy little bar is a sanctuary for jazz greats, its walls covered with portraits of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Billie Holliday, Chet Baker and many more.

Monday night concerts feature the house band, and Thursday nights, tours by contemporary and experimental musicians.

The concerts start at 10 p.m., but if you want to get a seat you’ll need to arrive about half an hour before. While you wait for the band you will be entertained with some very cool music from the huge vinyl collection in the bar and you can order a really nice cocktail of tequila, whiskey, gin or rum.

If hungry, they have snacks such as empanadas and quiches.

JazzMan is not that far from the Sagrada Familia, just down the street from Can Josep’s and not that far from Bar Oller – so if it’s Thursday you can organize your party – Oller: beer; Josep’s: dinner, JazzMan: live music and cocktails.

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