Jazz standards to accompany the classic silent film – Steyning Jazz Club

In what may be a first for Steyning Jazz Club, the club’s presentation on Friday December 2 will be Buster Plays Buster, a show devised by London jazz drummer Buster Birch which debuted in March 2011 and involves the Buster Birch Quartet performing live jazz standards at a screening of a classic Buster Keaton silent film.

Buster Keaton and Buster Birch

Club spokesman Colin Jilks said: “The music was arranged for the band, recorded and synced to the film, but also features many improvised solos from the musicians. This creates a cohesive work that merges the two art forms into a single experience for the audience. The film will be 1928’s Steamboat Bill Jr and the quartet line-up will be Jo Fooks, sax; Neil Casey, piano; Pete Ringrose, bass; and Buster Birch, drums. This Buster Plays Buster presentation is undoubtedly one of those occasions that will be remembered long after the last note has been played. Previous audiences were not only thrilled and utterly captivated by music of such quality and sensitivity, but also by the cinematic enhancement of the music.

“Drummer Buster Birch was greatly inspired by Buster Keaton’s 1921 two-reel film The Playhouse and later arranged the score for 1928’s Steamboat Bill Jr. Since debuting in March 2011, Buster Plays Buster has delighted audiences with his magic and its charm.Jazz fans thoroughly enjoyed this well-produced show, which features a first-class jazz quartet of the highest caliber of musicians performing live to enhance Buster Keaton’s classic silent film.

“The bar is supplied by Riverside Brewery and mince pies will be served to further heighten the Christmas spirit; doors open at 7:15 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. The Steyning Jazz Club meets at the Steyning Centre, Fletcher’s Croft, Steyning. BN44 3XZ. Information Colin Jilks Tel: 01903 810395.

Buster Birch is an award-winning drummer from London who has worked with many of the UK‘s finest jazz musicians. He holds an honors degree in music from the University of London and a post-graduate diploma in jazz performance.

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