Jazz shows signs of victory over Nuggets they won’t be jostled this season – The Athletic

The good news for the Utah Jazz as this season approaches is that the secret is how to plan for them.

This means the Jazz will see a lot of small ball lineups strewn throughout the calendar. This means that Jazz will meet a lot of teams who will try to get physical with them, get them through their offensive sets and play bully ball with them in the paint. This is the formula that has worked against Jazz coach Quin Snyder’s team over the years. Allow them to feel comfortable in the offensive? The Jazz will dissect your defense with precision, passing and shooting. Get into them and limit the space? Jazz won’t look so good.

If Utah is to win a championship and the Jazz truly believe they can, then the goal of this regular season is to become face-off proof before the playoffs. A 122-110 win over the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night is just the third win in three games of what is a marathon. But already, the Jazz see the formula. Without the center of everything Nikola Jokic, who injured his knee in a collision in the first half with Rudy Gobert, the Nuggets became very small in the second half. Without Jokic, the Nuggets managed to turn the game into a second-half wrestling match. (Hassan Whiteside and JaMychal Green,

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