Heritage Listed Airport Jazz is dripping with house, funk and disco


Heritage Listen combines genres with ease on Jazz at the airport, a perfect jam for your home party playlist.

Heritage Listed is the last act that only brings good vibes to your ears.

With a knack for body-friendly grooves, Heritage Listed made waves on the independent dance scene with their killer debut, To come back, as well as for the Nymphae take-out shows, covering the Blue Mountains and Sydney.

He came back with the follow-up, Jazz at the airport, planned as the first single of the next EP Pink lens (red flags).

Since its last sold-out show, ‘The Cook Up’, Heritage has nestled in Melbourne to focus on creating their EP.

It is in the studio that Heritage maximizes its boogie potential, injecting house, funk and disco elements into its floor plasters. This potential is fully exploited on Jazz at the airport.

The catchy piano riff built into the single sounds like a collaboration between ABBA and Daft Punk; aka, the ultimate dance floor groove for people of all ages.

The motif is quickly joined by a house rhythm to the sound of the jungle, a liquid funk bass and brass.

Next, a guest singer from Argentina, Camila Castagna, takes center stage. She skates to the beat effortlessly, with a panting tone.

His vocal performance is then imitated by pretty keys that frolic all around the jazz chords in play. The keys are played by Sy, a friend of Heritage Listed, who plays for the psychedelic group Hibiscus Biscuit.

For a song with such varied influences, it’s incredibly coherent, exciting and fluid.

“I love the house, jazz, and funk genres and wanted to release a track that could capture the elements of the 3 while being something people could dance to.”, Comments classified as heritage. So naturally, he succeeded brilliantly.

to listen Jazz at the airport below:

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