Fourth Annual Jazz Philadelphia Summit to be held November 5-6

Jazz Philadelphia seeks to develop and build on Philadelphia’s already rich jazz and musical heritage.

The organization favors the connection between the community and the musicians. Jazz Philadelphia achieves this by creating a healthy and sustainable jazz community.

To continue this mission, Jazz Philadelphia’s fourth annual Jazz Philadelphia Summit will be held next weekend, November 5-6.

This year will be a hybrid event and will honor those involved as musicians, advocates, students, presenters, educators and audiences.

The theme for this year is “Awakening”.

“Awakening,” as the theme of Jazz Philadelphia, represents an awakening to the need to take care of oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Jazz Philadelphia also believes in the need for mutual aid and support behind new artistic programs.

The organization hopes to invoke the essence of John Coltrane’s work, the concept of turning to the “wonder of the universe,” with this year’s lineup.

Jazz Philadelphia shared some thoughts on this year’s summit on their website:

“We want everyone who believes in the spirit of jazz, the spirit of music and the spirit of art to feel welcome, inspired and nurtured at this event. We welcome artists, dancers, listeners, actors, dreamers, musicians and others who believe in its power. We welcome you. “

Jazz Philadelphia said last August that the summit will be held regardless of the state of the pandemic, believing that the spirit of music cannot be stopped even when the stages are empty.

In addition to its new hybrid and online conferencing platform, Jazz Philadelphia will also host an in-person Homecoming Jam on the night of November 5.

The organization will use a payout model at your option this year, as it has in previous years.

For more information on the Fourth Annual Philadelphia Jazz Summit, go here.

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