Flushing Town Hall Mashup Series Continues With “Jazz Piano Meets Venezuela”

the ongoing Flushing City Hall concert series, Common Ground – Mini-World Mashupsresumes on Sunday, September 18 with “Jazz Piano Meets Venezuela”.

Middle ground, which started last October, brings together musicians from different national/artistic backgrounds for new collaborative works. It’s hosted by trumpeter and composer Frank London of The Klezmatics, who performed in the original full-scale version of the series.

Amina Claudine Myers (left) and María Fernanda González. (right)

The two artists on the program for this upcoming show at Flushing City Hall are American jazz artist Amina Claudine Myers and Venezuelan musician María Fernanda González, a bandola llanera player, a guitar-like instrument originally from Venezuela and Columbia.

Myers, an Arkansas-born artist, composer, and educator, has seen her musicality recognized institutionally, having received several grants and awards from organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts, Meet The Composer, and the New York Foundation for Arts. She was also inducted as a member of the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame in 2001 and the Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame in 2010.

González, an artist, composer, educator and journalist from northwestern Venezuela, is one of the only female musicians in the world to play her instrument, becoming the world’s first female electric bandola llanera player in 2016. She has also participated and won competitions at the Joropo in Colombia. Festival.

Information regarding tickets, times and more can be found at Flushing Town Hall website.

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