Elizabeth Warren calls for universal device chargers, urging the US to join European Union efforts for ‘less expense, less hassle and less waste’

Senator Elizabeth again calls on the United States to follow the European Union (EU) in standardizing universal chargers for smartphones and mobile devices.

In a tweet posted Thursday, Warren wrote that potential legislation to streamline chargers would create “less expense, less hassle and less waste.”

His tweet follows a letter sent to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, authored by Warren and fellow senators Ed Markey and Bernie Sanders, who pushed for a device charger plan that would save consumers money. more money.

“The average consumer owns about three cell phone chargers, and about 40% of consumers report that on at least one occasion they ‘couldn’t charge their cell phone because the available chargers were incompatible,'” the researchers said. senators. wrote.

The letter also points out that the chargers account for 11,000 tonnes of electronic waste per year.

A similar plan in the EU was enhanced in June, which requires all smartphones and mobile devices to be compatible with a USB-C charger by fall 2024, CBS Boston reported.

U.S. senators haven’t specified what type of charger should be considered standard, but CNET editor Ian Scheer Told CBS “companies are unlikely to make new products with different charging ports in different countries.”

Although the European Parliament and 27 countries must approve for this plan to take effect, consumers could consider new smartphone models from several companies, including Apple.

“The EU has acted wisely in the public interest by taking on powerful technology companies on this consumer and environmental issue,” the senators said in the letter. “The United States should do the same.”

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