Diatribe – Jazz Triple Bill @ New Music Dublin 2022

When: Saturday, April 30, 2022
Time: 10:30 p.m.
Venue: Room 103, National Concert Hall
Tickets €12

Lauren Kinsella, vocals
Matthew Halpin, saxophone
Ruth Golle, bass
Matthew Jacobson, drums

Shane Latimer, guitar/electronics

Big spoon:
Chris Engel, saxophone/electronics
Darragh O’Kelly, Keys
Shane O’Donovan, electronics
Matthew Jacobson, drums

This triple program celebrates the release of albums by three of Ireland‘s most innovative improvisational groups – compositions inspired by the poetry of Roamer; spontaneously generated electronics and guitar improvisation by Shane Latimer and a fully immersive musical experience by BigSpoon, a culmination of bandleader Chris Engel’s work in free improvised music, jazz and musical electronic.

Roamer brings together four of Ireland’s most internationally active improvising musicians. Currently based in London, Cologne, Berlin and Dublin, the four musicians meet regularly to compose and perform original music celebrating poetry and improvisation.

“If you had to pick a band that represents the best of the current generation, these four would almost certainly feature…an Irish supergroup full of fresh air” (The Irish Times)

Shane Latimer
Shane is an acclaimed musician, composer and curator of improvisational and experimental music from Dublin, Ireland. He plays six, seven and eight string guitars, synthesizers and improvises with various electronic preparations and treatments.

As guitarist/composer of the electronic free jazz quartet OKO (“a revelation” – The Sunday Times) or as curator of the Bottlenote Festival (“a boundless celebration of beautiful noise” – The Irish Times), the work of Shane is at the forefront of creative and technical exploration in modern musical creation.

His latest solo work exists in the space between the natural and the technological. Shane uses software to harvest sound from his full-range guitar to feed an assembly of electronic gear. The result is a captivating dialogue between man and machine.

Big spoon
BigSpoon’s musical offering is a crystallization of frontman Chris Engel’s musical journey, bringing all of his musical impulses and influences in the company of some of Ireland’s leading electro-sonic improvisers and explorers. They create a sound universe designed to immerse both the artist and the audience in a shared immersive musical experience. With influences ranging from Jaga Jazzist to Weather Report, it’s visceral and compelling 21st century jazz with an organic heart and electronic soul.

“Big Spoon’s music was a wide-ranging, deep ‘electro brass band’ in a bed of powerful percussion and haunting keyboards. Irish-adopted Christopher Engel from South Africa threw themselves into it full-scale non-stop and pushed him through every door in the company of enthusiastic and muscular fellow musicians.(All About Jazz)

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