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We’re almost in the NBA Draft.

The Utah Jazz hold pick 30, Thursday night’s final round one pick. In what should be a deep draft flush with prospects, the Jazz must also find the best mode of action for them.

For Utah, the challenge is to step up for the roster which, in conjunction with the next free agency, puts the team squarely in the title race. And it will probably not be easy with the strengths of Jazz.

League sources have told The Athletic that All-Star playmaker Mike Conley will likely stay with the Jazz once free agency opens, but the price won’t come cheap. If that comes to fruition, the Jazz will have to figure out how to fill the list and make improvements.

Below are the options the Jazz has, what they can do with the pick whether they keep or remove it, and what each specific move would mean for the roster in the coming days leading up to the upcoming season. . Keep in mind that Jazz has Elijah Hughes and Udoka Azubuike, essentially entering their second rookie season. It will be a huge summer for both guys.

Let’s go.

Jazz keeps choice n ° 30

In this case, it will be interesting to see who is available. They coached several guys, including Quentin Grimes last week, and there are a couple of ways to do it. They can select someone who is seen as a high potential choice. Someone like a JT Thor, the big one from Auburn.

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