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Utah Jazz training camp begins in just over a month.

Right now, it’s downtime for Jazz and the NBA as a whole. But where is the Jazz now that the vast majority of the offseason is behind us? What are their chances of finding a way to get to the top of the mountain?

As September approaches, we try to raise all possible questions about what the Jazz are now and what the Jazz can be, as training camp becomes preseason and preseason becomes season. regular. We break down the movements, the Western Conference and the position of Jazz in relation to the Western Conference.

Here we go again.

Best move: signing Rudy Gay

Getting Gay in Free Agency was important. I’m not sure people realize exactly how important this really is to this particular jazz team. From my perspective, if Gay is in good health and playing at the level he’s played the past two years at San Antonio, it’s a game-changer that could actually be a game-changer.

Utah failed in the playoffs because he was not game-proof. And the potential for hitting a bad game was obvious to the Jazz around the middle of the regular season. We all knew that a team with the ability to get small would give the Jazz trouble in a playoff series. There just wasn’t much on the list to combat this. And the Jazz knew it too. They just thought they could counter with the magic of Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley. Then Mitchell and Conley were both injured and compromised at the worst possible times.

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