“Andreas Brandis and Siggi Loch establish full partnership for ACT” – London Jazz News

Sebastian writes:

A milestone for one of Europe’s leading jazz labels is announced today, with the announcement that Andreas Brandis has become a full partner/shareholder of ACT Music.

Andreas Brandis (L) and Siggi Loch. Photo © ACT

Here is the full text of today’s press release:

Press release: Andreas Brandis and Siggi Loch establish full partnership for ACT

ACT Music and its live events/music management division Tambour Music Management are strategically positioning themselves for the future, just as the label’s 30th anniversary year begins.

Andreas Brandis joins the company’s founder, Siggi Loch, as a full partner/shareholder of the company with immediate effect.

Andreas Brandis (41), who has had operational responsibility for the business side of ACT Music and led the successful development of the company’s live management division Tambour Management as Managing Director since 2015, is now also named a separate partner/shareholder. whole of ACT Music by the founder, producer Siggi Loch (81).

Loch and Brandis, as co-leaders of the company, have already had six successful years in business together, a period during which they have taken important steps together to carry out the digital transformation of the company and implement a clear strategy for the to come up.

As ACT Music 30th Anniversary begins, the course is set for the years to come. With a roster of top-notch international artists and a slew of young talent signed to both the label and the agency, Loch, Brandis, along with a strong team in Berlin and Munich, see themselves as well positioned to a prosperous future.

Throughout 2022, there will be various events and special versions to celebrate 30 years of the label, what it has achieved and the impact it has had.

Lake Siggi:

“Over the past six years, the collaboration between Andreas and myself has become increasingly close. During this period, he not only steered the ACT label through difficult waters, but also successfully launched our jointly designed business expansion plan through Tambour Music Management. Today, on the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we have taken another step to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the ACT company. I look forward to continuing on the path we have taken, with our superb team and with Andreas as a full partner.

Andreas Brandis:

“I look forward to this new chapter and I want to thank Siggi both for his confidence and for the good way we work together, that we want to continue with the same level of success that we have already had. With our team , we have achieved a lot in recent years. Both the label and the agency are well positioned for the future, despite the many challenges we face due to the global pandemic. We are full of excitement as we embark on a massive anniversary year with our artists and partners, with lots of great outings and events.


LINK: ACT Music website

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