ADJUNCT Ensemble @ Brilliant Corners Jazz Festival

AUXILIARY Ensemble is the brand new project of Belfast composer, Jamie Thompson (formerly James Joys).

Emerging somewhat counterintuitively from the lockdowns of 2020, AUXILIARY began life as a remote set of geographically dispersed artists working on a series of fragments and experiences. Having little formal jazz training, Jamie uses the term ‘AUXILIARY‘ to express that he is neither one thing nor the other because he could be both and neither.

AUXILIARY Ensemble will release the first installment of a nine-album cycle in 2022 entitled “Sovereign Bodies / Ritual Taxonomy”. Collaborating with a record player, a lyric soprano and a jazz/punk trio, he explores the affordances and outer margins of songwriting, mixing and arranging. In September 2021, Jamie was part of London’s Take Five talent development program ‘Serious Live’. Working for a week under the direction of composer and saxophonist Jason Yarde and collaborating with exceptional musicians, he decided to create AUXILIARY Together as a live project.

The current live ensemble includes Elliot Galvin (Dinosaur) on piano and synths, poet Felicia Olusanya (Felispeaks), Stephen Davis (Anthony Braxton, Alexander Hawkins Ensemble) on drums and percussion, bassist John Pope (John Pope Quintet , Archipelago), Sam Comerford (Thunderblender) on saxophone and flute, and Mike Soper (Mike Soper Trio) on trumpet.

AUXILIARY The Ensemble digs the cleft where graphic and traditional notation, open form, spoken word poetry, electronics, deep groove, experimental music production and creative improvised music meet. It is in the processes of cleavage and separation of these approaches that AUXILIARYmusic from appears.

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