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ABC Classic and ABC Jazz have announced the recipients of the inaugural $ 90,000 Composers’ Order Fund to support new Australian music from emerging and diverse voices.

The 15 selected projects were chosen from 150 applications. Each project involves the creation and recording of brand new works for broadcast and digital commercial broadcast, bringing the talents of composers and musicians from traditionally under-represented groups to audiences across the country.

New music commissioned for ABC Classic and ABC Jazz explores various themes such as Indigenous culture, motherhood, the Australian bush, LGBTQI + experiences and the journey of the silkworm as a metaphor for human struggles, and cross-cultural collaborations featuring more familiar classical and jazz instruments alongside the Arab Oud, Japanese Shō, Chinese pipa, banjo, harmonium, electric crystal and an indigenous choir.

More than half of the successful composers and performers under the commission fund, announced in April, are women, while the composers of two of the projects identify as Indigenous Australians, three as LGBTQI + and five as culturally. and linguistically diverse.

Joe Gelonesi, Acting Content Manager for ABC Classic and ABC Jazz, said, “It was so nice to see an amazing array of creative responses from across the country.

“The diversity of talent and the surprising selection of musical themes offered to the public through the $ 90,000 composer’s commission fund bode well for the future of quality classical and jazz music creation, and underscores the vital role ABC’s in the discovery and development of new Australian music. . “

Successful applicants each receive up to $ 6,000 to support the writing and recording of their work, plus a studio session at ABC and a broadcast for the completed recording on ABC Classic or ABC Jazz, as well as the commercial digital release of their work through ABC Music.

New commissions for ABC Classic

Brent Keogh: Six dances for plucked string quartet from around the world
Composer and world music expert Brent Keogh will create a dance suite using the techniques and sounds of various plucked string instruments. The ensemble, led by Keogh on Arabic Oud, will feature Chinese pipa player Marjorie Li, Fiona Horbach on classical mandolin and Werner Reucker on classical guitar.

Titjikala Women’s Choir: Kun-kunpa iti (Sleeping Baby’s Sleep)
The Titjikala Womens’ Choir will work with Northern Territory singer / songwriter Nancy Bates and electric crystal pianist / player Gabriella Smart to compose two new songs that explore cross-cultural dialogue and spiritual communication. Songs Kun-kunpa iti (Sleep Baby Sleep) and Kamiku Tjukurpa (Grandma’s Tjukurpa) will revolve around themes close to the women of Titjikala but universal to the entire creative team.

Camille Barry and Thomas Green: Following mothers, sweet mothers
Violinist Camile Barry and composer-producer Thomas Green will collaborate to create a multi-movement work for violin and piano that emphasizes motherhood, parenthood and partnerships, drawing heavily on Barry’s personal experiences. Barry is the leader of Brisbane’s Black Square Quartet. She will be accompanied by jazz pianist Kellee Green.

Christine Pan: Music for solo harp
Emerging harpist Kate Moloney will commission versatile emerging composer Christine Pan to commission a new work for harp. Pan creates colorful and dramatic scores for concert, film and performance music. This project will be the first ABC Classic for both artists.

Heather Percy: Three night songs
This collaboration between composer Heather Percy, the Sydney Chamber Choir and choir artistic director Sam Allchurch is in three parts: “To the Evening,” based on poems by Phyllis Wheatley, Sara Teasdale, Emma Lazarus and Christina Rossetti; the “Holy Innocents” lullaby, based on a text by Christina Rossetti; and an ode to the night from an Australian perspective, based on a new text by emerging Melburnian poet Emilie Zoey Baker.

Elizabeth Younan: New work for contemporary baroque quartet
Composer Elizabeth Younan will draw on her Lebanese heritage to create this new suite of three dances for contemporary baroque quartet Croissants & Whiskey, with Miranda Hill on violin in G, Ryan Williams on recorder, Katie Yap on baroque viola and Joy Lee on the harpsichord.

Emilie Sheppard: Woven
Tasmanian composer and musician Emily Sheppard and singer-songwriter Claire Anne Taylor will collaborate to weave classical, jazz, folk and blues modalities into compositions for a chamber ensemble. The ensemble is conducted by Sheppard on violin and viola and includes Taylor on vocals, guitar and banjo, Michael Kieran Harvey on organ, piano and harmonium, Danny Healy on clarinets and Aurora Heinrich on the double bass.

Henri Liang: Kaiko – Legend of the mulberry silkworm
Emerging singer-songwriter Henry Liang will compose and perform music for flute and shō, a free reed bamboo mouth organ from ancient Japan. Kaiko will be a four-movement piece depicting the life cycle of the mulberry silkworm. “I have always been intrigued by silkworms,” Liang said. “Growing up in China, they were my only pets because we couldn’t accommodate bigger animals. We would go to the market and buy them from aunts on the street.

“When I was in Japan studying shō, I visited a friend who had silkworms in her home. It brought back many nostalgic childhood memories and made me think about how my life would have turned out if I had never moved to Australia. In this play, I hope to spark hope and reflection in audiences and offer them to draw parallels between the humble worm’s metamorphosis and the challenges, triumphs, and important milestones in their own lives.

Eric Avery: Biamanga
Emerging First Nations violinist and composer Eric Avery will compose a new quartet for two violins, cello and marimba, inspired by the idea of ​​a canoe that can sail upstream or downstream – containing information passed down from generation to generation. Biamanga will be performed by Avery on violin in collaboration with the artists of the Offspring Ensemble Claire Edwardes, Veronique Serret and Blair Harris.

Meta Cohen: Queer experience in song

Emerging choral group Divisi Chamber Singers, led by Alexander Gorbatov and collaborating pianist Coady Green, will commission emerging composer Meta Cohen to write a cycle of songs for vocal consort and piano, to celebrate the diversity of Australian LGBTIQ + experiences. The song cycle will feature newly commissioned lyrics from four young Australian LGBTIQ + poets, Leona Cohen, Savanna Wegman, Christopher Healy and Victor Hu.

New commissions for ABC Jazz

Ilaria Crociani: Join the dots

Eight new vocal tunes will be composed by singer Ilaria Crociani and collaborators Mirko Guerrini and Niko Schäuble, inspired by important women from Australian history and beyond. Crociani and his collaborators will be joined by a cast of Australian jazz voices, including pianist Tony Gould and guitarist Geoff Hughes.

New music by Omid Shayan
By exploring the intersection of jazz and Iranian music, saxophonist and composer Omid Shayan and his quintet aim to harness 3,000 years of musical history for a new audience.

Mark Ferguson: Where emus roam the streets
Pianist Mark Ferguson will compose a new jazz album, inspired by the Northern Flinders Ranges on Adnymathanha country in South Australia. He will lead an ensemble of three emerging jazz musicians, Kyrie Anderson, Bonnie Aué: and Ciara Ferguson on various instrumentations to explore the personal, historical and natural aspects of this region of Australia.

Rafael Karlen: Eucalyptus Treeo
Saxophonist and composer Rafael Karlen will collaborate with Hannah James and Steve Barry on a project that explores their mutual love for the Australian bush. Inspired by the changing history of Australia’s national parks, the group will present nine new compositions to the public, using the trio format of saxophone, bass and piano.

Minnie Hill: A journey through life
Composer and conductor Minnie Hill will create a five-part suite that reflects the arc of a person’s life. With influences from Maria Schneider to Nat Bartsch, Hill will lead a sextet of Melbourne musicians on this ‘journey through life’, each movement adapting and building on what came before it.


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