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Where to get a loan? Which bank should I choose for a cash loan and what for a housing loan? On the website you will get acquainted with the banks’ proposals, search engines and loan comparison websites.

Do you want to take a loan? At the beginning, you have to answer the question: do you really need a loan? In the case of a negative answer, think about how and how much you can save. If the loan is necessary, estimate very carefully if you will be able to pay it each month.

You should count the official income and costs of your fixed obligations (fees for utilities, subscriptions, other loans) and consider whether what remains in the portfolio is enough to regulate new debt. If you want to estimate the amount of the loan installment, then the service will use the calculator for installments of cash loans and simulator of installments for housing loans.

It should also be remembered that before signing any contract, read it carefully. Especially contracts signed with banks are quite complicated and require analysis. You should check the exact cost of such a loan carefully, paying attention to the total cost of the loan and its APY – Actual Annual Interest Rate.

You will not receive a bank loan if you do not have creditworthiness and creditworthiness. A positive credit history increases your chances of getting a loan on better terms.

What loan in the bank?

What loan in the bank?

Consumer loan
Objective: financing specific borrower’s needs, eg renovation of a flat, a car or a holiday trip. The most common and selected bank loans:

A cash loan
Purpose: specific, written in the contract. A cash loan can be used for any purpose.
Loan period: from several months to 10 years. The amount of credit or loan depends on the creditworthiness and is granted from 500-1000 PLN to even and 200 thousand. zł.

Comparison of cash credits

Comparison of cash credits

Car loan
Objective: the purchase of movable property is strictly defined, it does not necessarily have to be a car. motor vehicle. It is lower interest-bearing on cash loans. A prerequisite to get it is to buy an AC policy. It is also necessary to give the brand bank, model, version of the equipment and provide the basic data of the car purchased.
Repayment period: in many banks, at the time of payment of the last loan installment, the vehicle can not be older than 10 years.

Check car credits

Objective: purchase of real estate or construction projects. Mortgage allows you to buy a construction plot, recreation, single-family house, garage or flat. It allows you to finance the construction of a house, renovating a flat, modernizing premises for rent or buying a communal flat.

It is the lowest-interest loan from the group of available loans on the market. It requires meeting many formalities, which means that the process of applying for this type of financing may take up to several weeks.

Repayment period: from several years to 35 years. The amount of the loan: from PLN 40-50 thousand to even several million PLN. The mortgage collateral is a mortgage, established for the benefit of the bank.

Mortgage loans

Other bank loans

Consolidation loan
Objective: consolidation of bank debt. It involves combining several loan obligations into one loan. Extending the loan repayment period allows for a significant reduction in the monthly loan installment.
Repayment period: depending on the type of loan.

A cash consolidation loan, as in the case of cash loans, you can be granted even for 10 years. The maximum amount usually does not exceed PLN 200,000 zł.

A mortgage consolidation loan is secured by a mortgage and is usually granted for a maximum of 30 years.

Credit to pay credit

Credit card
Goal: any. In the set time, we can use a free loan in the limit set by the bank. If we return the money within the set time (interest-free period), we will not pay any interest.

Cheap credit card

Revolving loan
Goal: any. It is an open credit line for ROR (Savings and Settlements Account). The contract is usually concluded for 12 months during which we have at our disposal additional funds on the account. Each income on the account reduces debt, and interest is accrued only on the amount used (borrowed).

Debit in bank or cash loan

Where to get a loan from a bank?

This is where for a cash loan, and where to get a mortgage? It is necessary to choose the right bank. On the website you have access to many loan proposals at banks.

To make the right choice of the bank and choose the most advantageous one, it is necessary to compare credit offers.

It is necessary to select banks and compare the total costs and the APR of the loan.

You can use the loan comparison website. All you need to do is enter the basic information about the loan (First you only need to enter the loan period and the amount) to automatically receive a list of banks.

In addition, you can specify the types of installments (equal or decreasing) and select additional options. The comparator is also an estimated loan installer, because it estimates their amount and does not calculate exactly. NO calculator or comparison engine, even those on bank websites, do not accurately calculate loan installments. Only the bank, and only after the credit analysis, can determine exactly how much this installment will amount.

Before you answer the question: WHERE TO CREDIT IN THE BANK? you must know that the bank calculates your scorning rating, taking into account not only creditworthiness, but also creditworthiness.

What is a credit history?

Credit history is registered at database (Credit Information Bureau) and is crucial in assessing creditworthiness. The credit history consists of:

  • repaid / unpaid loans and borrowings,
  • commitments that we repay all the time,
  • secured loans,
  • credit inquiries,
  • submitted applications.

Credit history is taken into account by banks when assessing a person who wants to take out a loan. If it is reliable for the bank, i.e. it repays its liabilities on time and has a positive credit history, it is very likely that it will receive a loan from the bank.

Where to get a cheap loan from a bank?

Not every bank has a good loan, so we can not take a loan in the dark or suggest what we saw in a television commercial. Nominal interest rates on loans are low, but banks can set a commission of up to 20%! So what if the nominal interest rate is only 3.99%? In addition, banks offer credit insurance that you can use, but it makes the loan price increase.

Where to get a loan from a bank? Cheap. To find the cheapest cash loan in the bank, it is necessary to compare them paying attention to its APR or total cost. The smaller the values, the loan is cheaper. When comparing cash loans, you’ll notice that in some banks the real annual interest rate is as high as 30-40%.

It is not necessary to compare 20 banks to find a cheaper solution. It is enough to contact up to 2-3 banks to make a choice. However, this applies to all loans except for mortgage loans.

The mortgage is granted for very high amounts and for a very long period of time. Therefore, in this case it is best to compare far more bank offers. This allows you to contact a financial intermediary who has access to the appropriate number of credit offers.