Borrowing for studies (student loan) Can I borrow?

you want to go to school or have long studies ahead, you may need additional financial resources to finance the study costs. After all, books and registration fees are not cheap.

Student loans are no exception in America, but what options are there in Belgium?

Student loans

Investing in your future by paying your studies through a loan? This will usually take the form of an installment loan (personal loan). The loan on installment is often used to finance personal purchases: a trip, a marriage, digital goods , but also for financing studies .

You can pay off your studies via a loan in a personal name if you have sufficient reimbursement capacities. Those who have a permanent holiday job and a reserve on the savings account, therefore, definitely have a step ahead. The loan amount of a student loan can be up to € 45,000, depending on which bank you like.

View some online providers of personal loans:

  • Gofindthis
  • Sunthunder
  • Mocksifina
  • Credit Friend

It is also possible that the parents of the student sign the loan, and that the student himself becomes a co-borrower. Do not forget that a number of guarantees will have to be signed, for example, the bank may seize wages if the repayments can no longer be made. Other guarantees are also possible.

To survive financially as a student

Studying is not cheap, especially when you go to a student’s apartment. The estimated annual cost price of a student is approximately between 12,000 euros and 13,000 euros. Nevertheless, it is useful to go to the kitchen. That way you can learn to live independently, learn to manage a budget, save on travel costs.

Useful : A prepaid credit card can be a good idea in this case. The student learns to manage a budget and the parents keep control. A prepaid credit card is pre-charged. 


To survive financially as a student, it is best to look for alternative ways to save or earn money. Depending on a loan is not a pleasant feeling and can bring stress. Hence some tips that can serve as a source of inspiration to keep the financial situation under control:

  • Interest-free student loan : in some cases you may be entitled to an interest-free student loan. This must of course be reimbursed, but is interest-free and therefore cheaper than a traditional loan. Request more information from your Social Service.
  • Allowance : the Social Service can also check whether you are eligible for certain allowances. Those who are entitled to a study allowance can also request an advance payment so that the costs, which are often incurred during the start of the academic year, can already be paid.
  • Scholarship : check whether you qualify for a scholarship.
  • Distribution of payment : contact the school with the question whether it is possible to repay the books and / or the registration fee in installments.
  • Working during your studies : as a student you can also work during your studies. There are various possibilities: the work statute provides flexibility, you can also be entrepreneurs with a special status for students under the age of 25, you can practice a student job for a maximum of 50 days under interesting conditions.